Writing Introduction For Research Paper

Introduction of serious research papers are pretty difficult to write. It is that paragraph or section of a write-up that introduces itself to the reader. On the basis of this section, the reader decides whether or not he would read this work further. Therefore, it must be embellished in an interesting way. Following are a few to tips to give an appealing intro to your thesis paper –

Focus on your topic or area of research. When writing the introduction of your research paper, you should stay close to the topic and subject. For instance, you can talk about a previous research, or an existing situation, related to your subject. Alternatively, you can raise problems and issues being faced by the society or the masses. Discuss the problem in short, and hint what results have you obtained during your research.

Outline your draft. Outlining is very important before writing the final draft. Take some time to think and plan, and make points, note the words, quotations, and outline your entire thesis paper. Make out, what points and ideas you are going to cover in a particular section of your paper. It is advisable to put rough drafts in front of you, and pick the most interesting one.

Talk about available or present scenarios. You can surely discuss what are the current scenarios in this research area; what have been studied, and what has not been; what are you trying to cover in this piece of paper.

Use quotations. Quotations or words of famous personalities are a great way to attract and convince readers. You should try to collect quotations, related to your subject or area of study, from different sources.

Share your research methodology. Not in too much detail - you should discuss the method or procedure of research in the introduction of your paper. 

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