Facets of Dissertation Tutoring

In the due course of carrying out a research based study, research scholars are being encountered with several kinds of unprecedented predicaments, overcoming of which call for specialized assistance from senior researchers and academicians, who have been in the field of research for a stint period. Based on their expert suggestions and review comments, researchers can improve their work and at the same time, they turn out be capable enough to encounter those kinds of issues arise in the course of a research work. Therefore, dissertation tutoring plays a very important role in the life of a researcher, and they try to look for certain aspects in the process of dissertation tutoring.

Considering both the demand and supply side aspects, dissertation tutors are required to follow certain things, which can make their services acceptable to the budding researchers. Those facets are as per the following:

· First, the tutor must listen and understand the research objective of the researcher very carefully. Unless the research objective is comprehended by the tutor, it is not possible to look at the possible scope of the research.

· Second, while looking into the problem being faced by the researcher, the tutor must analyze the root cause of the problem, rather than providing with temporary solutions. Once the root cause of the problem has been identified, set of possible solutions must be provided to the researcher, and the tutor must suggest the best solution among those based on the scope of the study.

· Third, subsequent to providing with the solution, the tutor must guide the researcher about how to implement the solution. Unless the wy to implement the solution has been provided, the tutoring service will not be acceptable.

· Fourth, the tutor has to be expert and comfortable with the latest sophisticated analytical tools available in the market.

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